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An Escapea : Escape Room game 

Can you solve the puzzle and codes and escape from the room. Can you figure out the clues ?  Look through the room and find a way out, using whatever you find in the room.

If you can solve this room .... you have much more to look forward to.

PS: This is a demo version of the game, first built . Hope you enjoy.

Game inspired by Cube Escape 

Art - Few pieces in the game was inspired by hollow knight .... just had to put it there >0<

WALKTHROUGH : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zE8E7SMaoo&t=4s

For mobile Download the apk.

Updated 17 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
Tags2D, Escape Game, Point & Click

Install instructions

Download the Zip file and click on the An Escape file. 

That's all . >0<


An Escapea V5.zip 67 MB
AnEscapea.apk 74 MB


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I met a bug: after placing the lamp and zooming into the writing under the wallpaper it doesn't zoom out and i cannot continue the game. Hope for soon fixing.

Hi @Ale059 .. Thank you for playing the game :D ... I just checked..   it is a bug ... I shall get to it asap . \0/

hi ... The bug has been fixed :D

I really liked the game. But didn't get the logic (i know the clue is in the letter) of chest with heart.

Hehe .... thanks .. which part did you not get ?

I passed the game. But code for the chest with heart was bruteforced. And even having the code i cannot understand the logic. I see words (Silence,Colors...) in the letter and tried different variations with paintings in the book and on the wall, but still cannot get it.

ah ... In the letter the last line .. In darkness you will find the truth ... After turning off the light you would find the code ... And comparing the words with the painting tags ...